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Come and experience the beauty of francophone West Africa! We have over a decade of experience leading eco-friendly tours across Ghana, Togo, and Benin.

We specialize in custom tours, crafted to suit your budget and needs. On your Green Paths Eco Tour, you'll spend time getting to know people in small villages, exploring sprawling cosmopolitan markets, visiting traditional Vodun ceremonies and sites, and learning about the rich and storied history of the region. Along the way, you'll travel in an air-conditioned vehicle and stay in air-conditioned guest houses, led by an experienced, multilingual, local guide.

Sample Pricing

This gives you an idea of what kind of pricing you can expect for a ten-day tour. Get in touch to discuss your exact requirements!

10-Day Eco Tour

1 person – $2,400 USD per person

2 persons – $1,600 USD per person

3-4 persons – $1,400 USD per person

Prices include accommodation, air-conditioned vehicle and guide, breakfast and lunch, and entry fees.

The Experience of a Lifetime

Get in touch to let us plan your perfect tour, according to your requirements!

Feel the rythym of everyday life as you make your way along the thriving coast of West Africa

Visit local workshops and try your hand at craftwork traditions

Learn about the slave trade that shaped the region's past and present by visiting its most important sites and memorials

Experience traditional West African Vodun religious and cultural practices

Strike a deal in bustling markets

See the awesome beauty of the region's wild areas

Relax on pristine beaches and in warm waters